Granhammer is a two man black metal band based in Denmark. The members are Gungnir and Azazel, and Gungnir have answered a few question about the band.

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"Unleash the Storm" (Released 2003)
1. A Heartless Soul
2. Revelations
3. Unleash the Storm
4. Through the Gates of hell
5. Shrine [King Diamond Cover]

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By: Reidar N []
Band: Gungnir
1. Could you tell us about Granhammer and your ideological view behind Granhammer?

1: Well Granhammer was founded back in 2001 where I had the ideas for our first demo, Enthroned In Darkness. I had just parted with my former band so I called Azazel (Søren Jensen) which had helped me before with other recordings. We sat down and talked this idea over and to begin, the idea was just to record a few songs for our own pleasure. 10 days later we held a private release party for some friends and got very drunk. Azazel then asked if we should make our demo available on which is a free download site in Denmark for newcommers and amateurs. Well the idea seemed good to me, so we
did! And WHAT a response we got - they wanted more.

Then we sat down again and talked things over and came to that
conclussion that we might had hit the hammer on the nail. We kept on making music writing new lyrics which ended in our second
demo/prom: "Unleash The Storm" which have gotten quite good reviewed in several net-zines. We even got good reviews from a few bigger labels, but they won't sign us before we can put a full lineup. Because they are looking for bads that are able to perform live. The smaller labes we have contacted wants to hears some more material before an eventually sign offer.

The ideological view behind Granhammer is pretty much;
we don't believe in regime that puts or looks down on other people.
We belive that religion is so "screwed up" and makes people blind as they follow things that you ca't feel or grab, if you understand?
You have to make your own decisions and not follow your heart and brain
- Be your own god - that's why I write these lyrics I do.
2. How would you describe your music?

2: Our musical style is a mix up of a lot of different styles but we love to call it Black Metal - not old school Black, but more atmospheric, melancholic and melodic, than rough, raw and dirty.
We write our music from our hearts - we play what we think is great music, we want people to remember our melodic riffs and a lot of people do - even people who are not listening to Black Metal or even Metal at all. We have had response from those people as well and they say our music sounds good - but the vocal, they say - is rahter disgusting... hehe
3. Where did you get the name Granhammer from, and does it mean anything special?

3: The band name Granhammer is from Sweden even though we are Danish. Granhammer or GRANHAMMAR which is the correct spelling is the name of a medieval village in Sweden where a merchant was killed found well preserved hundres of years later. We have some findings as The Granhammar - Man in Denmark, But the name of Tollund or Gravballe dosn't have a kling to it.. hehe I
stumbled over the name in the TV, where I was watching a historical program on a swedish channel and suddenly the story of The Granhammar Man was there and that is basically why our name is Granhammer.

4. What inspires you to make music and lyrics? Any special bands you have been especially influenced by?

4: If we start with the lyrics which I write. I get inspired by lots of stuff;
tv, papers, movies and other bands, but I think what drives me most is the idea of that christian or religious people have a tendency to get very upset when they read my lyrics. I think it is so funny they can get that upset. For instance, I dont get upset reading The Holy Book of Lies (the Bible) I get inspired, take our Revelations (Unleash The Storm) Change a line here a word there and you have turned the cross upside down or so to speak. Well to sum up all this you might say that i like to agitate true believers, well maybe I do....

Our musically inspiration comes from a lot of different music styles, from classic to black metal bands, on our first demo I wrote all the music except "When Angels Die" but on Unleash The Storm we have done about 50-50 which soothes me more. If I should mention a few bands we get inspired of making our music I can Mention Cradle Of Filth, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, Lord Belial and Naglfar and lots more...
5. How is the black metal scene in Denmark, and the metal scene in general?

5: The scene in Denamrk is almost dead if you ask me. There are a few bands we have Illnath who are signed and called a "cof clone". I think they are great. Then we have Denial Of God which are signed, they are great too. and thenwe have us - not signed yet, hopefully soon, we are awaiting answers from a few labels. Then there are all the old school black bands but there are only one of my liking, Nekrovoid.

The metal scene in general hmmm... thats hard, lots of bands have broke up but we still have Manticora (Heavy Metal - Speed Metal) they are great.
Corpus Mortale, Illdisposed and more, but it seems that the only band besides King Diamond/Mercyful Fate that can get real international fame is Aqua
(POP with Lene Nystøm) well the ahave broke up too. Well we also have some
of these nu-metal bands which i can't see in greatness in, thats about it if you ask me...
6. Have you played in any bands before Granhammer, and do you play in any other bands at the moment?

6: I have played in 2 bands former to Granhammer, not worth mentioning either. Azazel have played in 4 i think. He was co-founder of Corpus Mortale and have been playing guitar in Iron Fire to name a pair. I dont play in other bands than Granhammer, Azazel is helping out some friends in a power-pop band at the moment besides Granhammer.
7. What are your plans for the future and goals with Granhammer?

7: Well our plans are to await the answers from the labels we haven't heard from yet and then make some more music and get sign hopefully.
8. Have you received any feedback from any record companies? And are you promoting Granhammer heavily towards record companies?

8: Well that i have answered earlier, but we are not promoting heavily at the moment, that we will do with the next demo/promo.
9. I can't find any information about any concerts on your homepage, is this something you don't do?

9: Concerts...hmmm due to the lack of a real line up we havent been playing any concerts yet. We have turned down a european tour offer with Konkhra, turned down an opening gig at the Aalborg Metal festival where bands like Napalm Death headlined. It has always been the plan not to play live, but we have gotten many requests to do so, so we have to reconsider with our next demo/promo. We are aware of live appaerances are good promotion so it might have to be at step we have to take.
10. And finally, if you have something you want to share with the world, feel free...

10: Hmm as we like to say In Granhammer - There is only One Hammer To Rule Them All - GRANHAMMER! 20(c)05

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