Lord Belial
Lord Belial with base in Trollhättan, Sweden.
It all began on a winternight in late 1992 when four dark souls came together under great influence of alcohol and a wish to create Black/Death Metal dedicated to the one without a master.
The four dark souls spoken of before was Thomas Backelin, Micke Backelin, Anders Backelin and Niclas Andersson who started up Lord Belial that very night, the same winter they recorded the first demo ”The Art Of Dying” which got some really great reviews in underground zines.

' Hail! Thanks for your interest in LORD BELIAL! Here's the answers for your interview!


Exraven: We would as a start hear some thought's about musical influense....

Micke: Well, we listen to lots of different styles of metal and also some other music as well, and I guess all of those styles reflects in our music in one way or another, but mainly it is based upon black metal.

Exraven: Heard that Micke was back, will this affect the furter musical work?

Micke: I rejoined Lord Belial in October 2003 after a short break (I left the band in June 2003) and it feels great to be back again. About the musical work I don't think it will be affected in any bigger way since I have been involved in the making of the music for over 10 years in Lord Belial... But I and Thomas have started to write more music together just the two of us, so I am even more involved in the song writing from now.

Exraven: How would you characterize the balance between the genuine in black metal, and musical development?

Micke: It seems to be very hard to develop black metal without include some other elements and that is some time very obvious, like when a band try to develop their style into some "new", and it ends up with the band releasing a complete zero point album, and the fans will just abandon them... look at i.e. Mayhem, which I have heard so very much shit about lately (after the release of the Grand Declaration of war album)... the fans really think it is too much experimental music when Mayhem once was famous for their primitive supreme black metal.

Exraven: One song that's very much appeal to me is: "Unrelenting Scourge of War" from the "Angelgrinder" release.
Pretty much blasphemic if you ask me, or what?
What are your oppinion about Christianity and the massive critisim against blackmetallers?

Micke: I like that song very much and I also think it has a great feeling of blasphemy. About the Christians and their critic against black metal I don't really care, they may try to stop it but they will never gain any success. I think you have seen more of this critic in Norway than we have here in Sweden.

Exraven: Late last year you where supposed to go on a gig with Our own Forlorn, but that was canceled due to lineup-changes, are there any possibillityes of another go?

Micke: We would really enjoy playing in Norway, since we haven't done that yet! And it would be very cool to play with Forlorn again! We did one European tour with them and it was a very fun tour and they are just great as persons!
The chemistry was there from the beginning to the end!

Exraven: First bought album ever? [we know that this question belong in the StoneAge, but what the heck]

Micke: Hmmm... I don't remember that... I know I got the Black Sabbath album "Sabotage" from my mother when it was released (1977-78?), but the first album I bought myself.....
maybe something with Kiss or Black Sabbath...

Exraven: Can you tell us anything about your next Opus: "The seal of Belial" ?

Micke: It will be about 45 minutes with powerful and raging black/death metal! This time we are very pleased with the sound of the album, not as "thin" sound as heard on "Angelgrinder".

The music is heavier but with some really fast parts as well.'

Interview by Exraven
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