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Ville / Moonsorrow

First: I must admit that i fell for your music the first time i heard oneof your songs, i think it was Kivenkantaja.... What can you say about musical influences?

Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated. Musical influences vary, but obviously the most important is Bathory. We all listen to different kinds of music; a lot of metal, progressive rock, folk music and whatnot.

Tell us how it is to play in a metal band in Finland in 2004......
Do you feel that there is any competition in the finnish metal scene?

They say metal is relatively popular in Finland, so it has to be good to play in a metal band here. Then again the lack of rehearsal places is a common problem. There is no competition, most of the people are friends with each other and we always have room for more good bands.

What is it with the combination finn's/alcohol and metal?

Finns, especially metalheads, like to drink. That’s a fact.

How did it all started? Where there any other bands involved previous to Moonsorrow?

Moonsorrow started in 1995 as a project and developed gradually into a full-time band. There have always been other bands, and all of us had considerable ”experience” on and off the metal scene prior to Moonsorrow.

The combination of great atmosphere, and hunting riffs, gives some of the songs a killer Viking-metal kind of undertone. How much do you all lay into the Viking terminology? What would you say about bands like Bathory, Enslaved and Thyrfing?
Are there any similarities here?

The undertone in the music is the same, but we defy the term ”viking”. Our concept has never been about vikings anyway. Bathory, Enslaved and Thyrfing all were big influences when we started the band so that’s where the similarities come from. Yes there are some.

All your lyrics are in finnish, is there any chances of you changing
language in lyrics?

We already changed the language once (in 1997, English to Finnish), we’re not going to do it again. No.

Can you tell us about upcoming events/plans within the Moonsorow Camp?
Tours / New Album.

We’re going to record our new album in September and it’s going to be released in early 2005. Possible touring will likely be delayed until then.

If you should choose between 3 records in a Record store (and you did not have any of those before) Which would you choose?
Bathory - Twilight of The Gods, Enslaved - Blodhemn,
Windir - Arntor......

Definitely Twilight of the Gods. Bathory is still the only band in the world.

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