Place: Inferno Festival 2004
By: Exraven

Gaahl talks about Satan and more.........

Gaahl - Picture By Exraven 20(c)04EX- How would you characterize your influences?

G- As far as it comes to writing lyrics, I`m only inspired by myself and nothing else.

EX- No social or political aspects involved?

G- Maybe, to some extent, but basically I only write about myself.

EX- What bands do you prefer listening to?

G- Hmm, I listen to very few bands. Old Judas Priest of course, Pentagram, and of course, true Black Metal. But you know, there are many bands calling themselves Black Metal that can never be entitled so.

EX- Last year I went to the " Hole In the Sky "- festival in Bergen, and I thought that your concert were one of the better ones. What kind of response did you get after that concert?

G- It was mostly good, but I weren`t satisfied myself. There was a lack of oxygen onstage, too much smoke, and the ventilation was no good. The place itself was great, no doubt about that, but when there are so many people in a room and there are so many bands playing in one night, there will be little air left.
And I don`t like playing at festivals, because it has this kind of socialistic aspect about it that I don`t like. You know, we have to perform Satan, and Satanism is not absolutely not about socialism.

EX- I have to ask you about the gig in Poland, because I spoke to some people who have seen the concert, and they said it was very hyped up with all the police and everything. But what happened, really?

G- Yeah, in fact it was only an ordinary Gorgoroth- gig, but this time we had the possibility to include the other props we had onstage. But nothing really happened, apart from some of the workers there being scared, heh.

EX- What happened to the Mastertape after the Police got hold of it? And about the forthcoming DVD, do you know anything about it, and when it eventually will be released? Has the police still got the tapes?

G- The police has still got the tapes, yes. But I guess we will get it from Poland soon, and that the DVD will be out sometime within the next six months.

EX- What do you think; should Black Metal bands make music to create something, or make music for selling?Gorgoroth - Picture by Exraven 20(c)03 - Hole In The Sky

G- Well, I think that every band has to answer for themselves what they want to do with their music. Me myself, I create music for no one but myself, but if other people like it too, that`s okay. You know, it`s a great idea to spread Satan through music.

EX- I have read somewhere that Gorgoroth is the only band which really suits corpse-paint. What do you think about that?

G- Well, I haven`t seen to many bands live, so I can`t tell, but I know that it is an important part of our live- show.

EX- Have you got any plans for touring after the Inferno festival?

G- We`ll just have to see. Tonight`s gig will be Kvitramns last as our drummer, he will join me permanently in my other band Siegfader. Frost ( Satyricon ) is joining us as a permanent member now. And I also have a court case coming up in the end of the month, and I might risk 9 years in prison, so well just have to see.

EX- You have changed drummer for every album that you have done. Have they all been session drummers, or have they been permanent members?

G- They have all been members of the band, and the band has been very solid since Kvitramn joined, I think. One of the reasons for him quitting, is that he wants to focus more on stuff that is related to his ideology, the Norse ideology, something that is also very important to me, so now he`s joining, as I said, my band Siegfader.

EX- What kind of response do you get when you are touring in South America, for example Colombia and Mexico?

G- The response down there is great, they are some of the best audiences in the world, I would say.

EX- In a few words, what would you say Gorgoroth was about in the beginning?

Gorgoroth, Inferno FEstival 2004 by Exraven(c)G- It`s not too easy to say, is about what you are, ideology, anti-socialism, anti-christian beliefs, anti-democracy, anti-flock mentality. These are many of the reasons for which Black Metal was started I think, to put the foot down, to have more of a " rock`n `roll " attitude. I think that Black Metal is only about serving Satan as a being in yourself.

EX- By spreading Satan, do you think you can help humanity in any way?

G- We have to wake up the individuals, because there is a lot of people that are not individuals around the world. You always have to be conscious about being yourself, and nothing else. We have to remove everything that has come out from the semittic religions, because it doesn`t let individuals grow, and is built only to control and tyrannize people.

EX- Do you have any idea of what Gorgoroth could become later on?

G- We`ll just have to do like we always have done, and see what happens when the next album will be released. Everything we do is about being ourself. If you`re not, I think you could just stop performing. The song " Of Ice and Movement " is all about this; you grow, but you grow from the same roots. But we`ll just have to see which way the branches turn, we never know what`s coming up.

EX- One question which I ask every band; what music has been in your cd-player lately?

G- Well, that must be the latest Mayhem album.

Interview by Exraven
Thanks to: Alfonso Martinez C.

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